A young tenderpaw with a big heart and a knack for understanding insects.


Name: Tucker “Tuck” of Pebbledusk
Rank: Tenderpaw
Age: 14

Belief: Every Life is Precious
Instinct: Always do as you are told.

Nature: 5
Will: 2
Health: 6

Traits: Simple, Young, Compassionate

Skills: Insectrist 5, Laborer 3, Harvester 2, Persuader 2, Survivalist 2, Pathfinder 5 (Specialty), Beetle-Wise 2

Resources: 2
Circles: 1

Gear: Shepherd’s crook (staff), his pet beetle “Dobie”.


Hometown: Pebbledusk, a large farming village south of Ozmouse

Parents: Luke and Bev, beetleranchers. A very down-to-earth and simple set of parents, they are just as you might expect small-town bugranchers to be. They were born in Pebbledusk and still maintain their ranch and house there to this day.

Friend: Misty, his girlfriend – the cutest girl in all of Pebbledusk. She’s the iconic farm-mouse’s daughter. She is often found between Ozmouse and Pebbledusk, selling her father’s produce.

Enemy: Porell, the albino mouse with haunting pink eyes. Porell was always an outsider and a bad seed, and only Tucker – with his heart of hearts – accepted him. Porell has taken his kindness as weakness, however, and uses every chance he can get to ensnare poor Tuck in his mischief. Last time they met, Porell was working in Barter-Town for some shady types.

Mentor: Trip, the group’s patrol leader – a gambling mouse with no small luck.

Apprenticeship: Tucker apprenticed under an Insectrist named Gibson, who was surprised at how much Tucker already knew of wrangling insects. He learned even more about the termites of Ozmouse and the prodigious mound it is built in. Gibson resides year-round in Ozmouse, tending the mound.


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