A gambler from Suicide Trail with quick wits and a head for tactics, Trip has risen quickly to become a young patrol leader.


Name: Trip
Age: 26
Home: Suicide Trail
Fur Color: Dark Grey
Guard Rank: Patrol Leader
Cloak Color: Blue
Parents: Jace and Cybil Ayers, Archivists and community figures
Senior Artisan: Quinn the Cartographer
Mentor: Balboa “the Breeze”, Scout
Friend: Fallon, boat crafter and pilot of Fourecks
Enemy: Herbert, orator and Trip’s younger brother

Belief: A sharp mind is stronger than steel.
Goal: Discover Audis Chen’s intentions.
Instinct: Toss the dice.

Nature: 5
Will: 4
Health: 4
Resources: 4
Circles: 4

Scarred: Vertigo
Fate: 1
Persona: 2

2 handed falchion, Reason

Traits: Rational 1, Clever 2

Fighter 4
Pathfinder 2
Scout 2 (1, adjusted for Scarred: Vertigo)
Survivalist 2
Weather Watcher 5 (specialty)
Persuade 4
Loremouse 2
Militarist 2
Archivist 2
Cartographer 2
Gambling wise 2
War wise 2
Rain wise 2
Predator wise 2


Trip was born into a scholarly and well regarded family, but was always more interested in riskier ventures. He liked to gamble and carouse (a bit) with his friend Fallon, and enjoyed the histories of wars and battles as examples of great gambles. His parents hoped for him to settle down as a scholar, and were dismayed when he showed no interest in it. He joined the Mouse Guard as something of a compromise, a middle ground of respectability and excitement. He thoroughly enjoyed his apprenticeship with Quinn, the honey-colored cartographer, and his time at that job has come in handy as a guard mouse. He then studied with Balboa, a senior scout also called “the Breeze” because of his unusual light grey fur that seems to hint at blue, and because he can move faster than any mouse in the Guard. Since then, Trip has proven himself quite clever and adept, and has risen to the rank of patrol leader. He is good at persuasion, but as he is new to his rank, he has yet to master that elusive quality of leadership.

His brother Herbert followed his parents wishes and became both a scholar and a junior politician, and is well regarded as a speaker. Herbert feels that Trip’s gambler’s nature make him unfit for leadership, and he fears that the success Trip has had so far will only lead to greater fallout when he eventually fails. Some have already linked the two in public discourse, as the two successful Ayers brothers, but Herbert would rather Trip had never had his success in the first place, and feels that the sooner Trip falls from the public eye the better.


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