A little mouse with big dreams...


Name: Jenica “Jena” of Ozmouse
Rank: Patrol Guard
Age: 19
Fur Color: White
Cloak Color: Purple

Belief: The Strong Must Always Protect the Weak
Instinct: Never thinks before she acts.

Nature: 2
Will: 4
Health: 4

Traits: Guard’s Honor, Curious
Skills: Fighter 4, Healer 4 (Specialty), Scout 4, Armorer 3, Pathfinder 3, Medicine-wise 2, Mouse Guard-wise 2, Armor-wise 2, Persuader 2, Cartographer 2
Resources: 3
Circles: 5

Gear: Dagger, Set of light armor


Hometown: Ozmouse born and raised, Jena is well known as the youngest Patrol Guard…well…ever. Six months after she joined Mouse Guard, she rescued a group of baby mice from a circling hawk, rushing in headfirst while the other mice were planning an attack. While her superiors were impressed with her skill and bravery, they were concerned about her headstrong behavior and lack of forethought. It was hoped that the promotion to Patrol Guard would calm Jena down and inspire her to consider using some forethought, but whether or not this was successful is yet to be seen…

Parents: Arden and Kaya, Armorers. Jena’s parents are not at all happy with her decision to join Mouse Guard. They would have preferred that she pick a nice, safe, NORMAL occupation. Preferably being an armorer. They see her dream of seeing the world little more than a child’s fantasy and think she should have grown up and settled down long ago.

Friend: Duncan, her childhood best friend. He’s always had her back, no matter what crazy situtation she’d gotten herself into. Duncan has been in love with Jena forever, but as these things go, she’s never noticed.

Enemy: Damien, her competition. Damien and Jena entered the Mouse Guard at the same time. He has strong skills and and ego to match. When Jena, a girl, was promoted above him, he became jealous and angry.

Mentor: Kole, the smith. He’s known her family since she was a baby and watched her grow up.

Apprenticeship: Jena apprenticed with Simeon, a cartographer. If she couldn’t see the world herself, learning about it through studying maps was the next best thing. Nearly blind, Simeon prefers not to leave his library in Ozmouse.


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