An accomplished cook and hunter, this exile of the Bandit Towns is a solid support-mouse of the patrol.



Name: Flay
Age: 35
Home: Flintrust (Exile)
Fur Color: Gray
Guard Rank: Patrol Guard
Cloak Color: Black

Parents: The Seraphims, Bakers
Senior Artisan: Bev, Miller (Wife of Trev)
Mentor: Trev, Hunter (Dead?)
Friend: Jerome, Merchant of Fourecks
Enemy: Chen, Dictat of the Free Cities

Belief: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”
Goal: Kill Audis Chen
Instinct: Get out while you can.

Gear: Bow, Cookwares

Nature: 6
Will: 4
Health: 4

Resources: 6
Circles: 2

Fate: 0
Persona: 4

Traits: Determined 2

Hunter 3
Pathfinder 2
Scout 2
Survivalist 2
Cook 6
Deceiver 3
Smith 2
Baker 2
Miller 2
Flintrust-wise 2
Rebellion-wise 2
Recipe-wise 2



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