Nature: 6
Will: 3
Health: 5

Resources: 5
Circles: 1

Fate: 1
Persona: 1

Traits: Guard’s Honor 1, Thoughtful 1

Fighter 3
Haggler 3
Scientist 3
Healer 5
Apiarist 2
Armorer 2
Orator 2
Poison-wise 2
Weasel-wise 2


Name: Diederick “Dirk” Langston
Age: 25
Home: Ozmouse
Fur Color: Black
Guard Rank: Guardmouse
Cloak Color: White

Belief: Every advantage is held in knowledge.
Goal: n/a
Instinct: Can I do science to it?

Parents: Eckhardt and Teresia Langston, Apiarists
The Langstons have prospered by selling honey, beeswax and other goods and services to the Guard. They are affluent and upstanding members of the Ozmouse community. Despite their high opinion of the Guard, Dirk is the first of his clan to serve. Dirk also has an older brother (Ivon) and a younger sister (Kirsa). Ivon is being groomed to inherit the family business.

Senior Artisan: Bamber, Scientist
He’s an eccentric, sharp-witted and abrasive apothecary/alchemist. He also runs an efficient still, the liquor from which is (in)famous and sought-after during high festival days. Nobody is quite certain what he puts in it, but it’s got a mean kick.

Mentor: Ymma, Healer
If you could travel to mouse-Plato’s imagined realm of ideal metaphysics and find the model doctor, chances are good that you’d find Ymma there. She is the one who taught Dirk all he needs to know in order to be a Guard medic.

Friend: Lawrence
A childhood friend who became a traveling peddler and left town. Dirk is not quite certain what became of him. But wherever he is, Lawrence is certain to be knee-deep in some entrepreneurial misadventure involving convoluted free-market economics. Lawrence’s dream is to eventually earn enough money to set down roots and become a respectable shopkeeper.

Enemy: Anneliese
She’s a fierce and high-powered Guard warrior — a knight’s knight. She takes specific issue with Dirk’s character and is convinced that he is a scoundrel in dire need of “straightening out.” For his part, Dirk doesn’t understand her animosity and avoids her at every opportunity. This only seems to further offend her.

Gear: Bow (crossbow?), ammo, knife, journals, pen, paper, pencils, possible assorted tomes, medical supplies and tiny mouse-glasses


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