Name: Kole
Age: 40
Home: Ozmouse
Fur: Brown
Guard Rank: Patrol Guard
Cloak Color: Orange
Parents: Nale and Sally
Senior Artisan: Nale the Smith
Mentor: Cord the Righteous
Friend: Cale (younger brother)

Belief : Fight with Honor
Instinct : Hammer it Out!

Nature: 4
Will: 4
Health: 4
Resources: 5
Circles: 5

Traits: Guard’s Honor 1, Defender 1


Fighter: 6
Instructor: 3
Scout: 2
Survivalist: 2
Weaver: 3
Smith: 5
Cook: 2
Persuader: 2
Weapon-wise: 2
Guard-history-wise: 2
Cloth-Wise: 2
Gear: Hammer and tongs


Kole has been with the Mouseguard for many years. His expert smithing abilities learned from his parents caught the eye of his Uncle Cord early on. Cord mentored Kole from a young tenderpaw in expert level fighting. He instilled in Kole the beliefs of honorable battle and righteous justice. Cord, an aging Guard Captain, tried many times to help his nephew get promoted. But Kole always preferred to be a patrol’s defense, rather than lead. Last autumn while pursuing a group of bandit mice fleeing back to Flintrust, Cord was slain in defense of his patrol and died in Kole’s arms. Burying his grief for his mentor, Kole spent the winter training his young ward Jena. His influence greatly helped her rise to the rank of Patrol Guard at such an early age. Kole wields his forgehammer as both a weapon and a tool and never backs down from danger. His honor will not allow him to ignore injustice and he will always protect his patrol.


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